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Winiplast® has actively worked in the market of materials and thermoplastic processing for more than 39 years. We have a machine park dedicated for the production of drawn, injected from metal (ZnAl), injection molded from thermoplastics elements and own R&D laboratory of nanotechnology.


Our primary customers are factories and automotive assembly plants as well as leading manufacturers of car components located in Poland and abroad, but also individual customers. We have the ISO Quality Certificate for compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009.


We specialize in the production of coatings for wires as well as brake and clutch ties; moreover we produce opening systems for car doors and trunks. Our products are assembled in vehicles produced by BMW, Mercedes, Škoda, Fiat, Ford, Citroën and Peugeot. We guarantee consultancy and professional technical assistance at every stage of the application of purchased materials and products.

3D Filaments

JOne of the pillars of our production are polyamide filaments for the industrial 3D printers. The printouts obtained therefrom are characterized by excellent functionality and visual parameters.


Since 2013 we have been producing nanomaterials (including carbon nanotubes and ‘chemical’ graphene) in the rapidly developing Laboratory of Nanotechnology at Winiplast®. Carbon nanomaterials are both key components of our products as well as the final products of fine applications.


Our main strengths are innovation, technological flexibility and precision. Winiplast® R&D closely collaborates with scientists from Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology. The experienced and qualified staff enables to perform the most complex and challenging tasks.






We produce filaments for industrial 3D printers


We have a fully automated production line of arbitrarily modified 3D filaments. Our products constitute the answer to the strict requirements of industry - from automotive to architecture to aerospace.


We specialize in filaments for 3D printing produced on the basis of flexible or stiffened polyamides 12. We have filaments in virtually unlimited palette of colours. 3D printouts made of polyamide filaments are characterized by excellent mechanical properties, fine surface finishing, long operation life and broad physicochemical resistance.


We have elaborated and developed technology of production of 3D filaments doped with carbon nanostructures and metal micro-particles exhibiting improved mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.


FDM printouts can be applied as components in the electronic devices, machineries, models, prototypes and in the manufacture of decorative items.


Nylon PA12 3D filaments are characterized by exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance, as well as excellent adhesion to the table. Those features are directly ‘translated’ into the properties of the ready 3D-printouts.


We target our products to both domestic and foreign retailers as well as all manufacturers taking advantage of a wide range of possibilities of 3D printing, including the automotive industry.


Winiplast® offers innovative solutions


We have technologies for the synthesis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes, "chemical" graphene and electroconductive carbon nanostructures. Those technologies are characterized by a high carbon conversion and high repeatability.


We produce CNT-, graphene- and C-nanostructure-based polymer composites. To this end, we have developed technologies that allow for perfect homogenization of nanocarbons in thermoplastic polymers and other (e.g. metallic) matrices.


The main advantages of our nanocomposites include increased mechanical strength, flame retardancy, antistatic action and low permeability for fuel vapours. Those properties are available at as low as 1 wt.% of nanocarbon filling.


Our newest product is ultra-light carbon-based heating mat which can be used in heated armchairs, textiles, etc.


In cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology, we have implemented a project on biosafe CNTs of increased thermal conductivity and high processing stability. The developed nanofluid can be used as energy carriers in solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, cooling systems in electronics, etc.


We are currently working hard to produce high-performance 3D filaments based on electrically conductive carbon nanostructures.

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Winiplast® has actively worked in the market of materials and thermoplastic processing for more than 39 years.


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